Yale College Will Drop Slavery Proponent's Name

New Haven police arrested demonstrators who blocked the intersection of Elm and College streets in New Haven Friday afternoon and refused to move during a protest calling for changing the name of Yale University’s Calhoun College. The arrests were plann

A rear gate at Calhoun College. "We're not removing evidence of John C. Calhoun from our campus". In 1931, it was named after John C. Calhoun, the seventh vice president of the United States, a Yale graduate and a hard-line slavery supporter.

Calhoun is widely considered one of the architects of institutionalized racism in the U.S.as well as the American Civil War, and he was well-known in the first half of the 19th century as one of the world's most outspoken white supremacists. Yet, he left behind the legacy of a leading statesman who used his office to advocate ardently for slavery and White supremacy.

The residence hall will now be named after Grace Murray Hopper, a Yale alumna and computer scientist.

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"Honoring a namesake whose legacy so sharply conflicts with the university's values should weigh especially heavily when the name adorns a residential college, which plays a key role in forming community at Yale", it said.

Hundreds more students protested the school's president Thursday night. He successfully lobbied for the removal of a stained glass window depicting a black man in shackles kneeling before Calhoun. Criminal charges have since been dropped and Yale has rehired Menafee, who had described the image as offensive. Menafee, who is black, resigned and apologized.

The rally Friday drew participants from all over New Haven, including Justin Farmer, a student at Southern Connecticut State University. Later on in the day the school acknowledged that wasn't true, and the decision to remove the windows came after incident.

"We are fortunate to have faculty members with relevant expertise that can be brought to bear on the renaming question". Saturday's announcement follows the recommendation of a new University committee on renaming. Last year, Yale announced that it would keep the Calhoun name on the residential college, and that doing so was part of the commitment of the college to acknowledging and teaching the history of the institution's connections with slavery.

Salovey said then that retaining the name "forces us to learn anew and confront one of the most disturbing aspects of Yale's and our nation's past". Last year, the University of OR and Vanderbilt University both chose to rename on-campus buildings with controversial names.

The Yale Corporation is expected to meet Saturday to discuss the name change of the college. "Yale has changed magnificently over the past 300 years, and will continue to evolve long after our time; today we have the opportunity to move the university forward in a way that reinforces our mission and core values".

Chris Rabb, a 1992 Yale graduate told the AFP news agency that just changing the name from a "bad person to a good person" is not enough. In 1930, Hopper had received a master's degree in mathematics and a PhD in mathematical physics and mathematics in 1934. She made her greatest contributions in the realm of software.


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