Watch Rihanna Get Drunk and Livestream Her Bates Motel Debut

Bates Motel Hidden’ – Courtesy of A&E

She plays the iconic role of Marion - who gets stabbed to death while taking a shower in Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror. The star clearly starts out nervous about seeing the final product, repeating demurring, "This is so weird" and "I can't", two very reasonable reactions to watching yourself make out onscreen.

Rih, of course, is everything.

Popular singer, Rihanna has reacted over her official prime-time TV debut on the episode of A&E's Bates Motel. Rihanna left a signature look on her character as she sported fringes and rocked a bob of red hair that falls shortly on her shoulders. In the film Psycho, which serves as the loose inspiration for the series, Marion Crane checks into the Bates Motel, where she has the misfortune of crossing paths with motel owner Norman Bates.

Cuse said that fans should not expect Rihanna to reenact the shower scene. Above, watch the preview trailer for "Bates Motel" Season 5, Episode 6. "I think it's no accident that any number of singers have successfully transitioned into acting".

The Barbados native shared an Instagram live video of her watching the first episode of Bates Motel. "Among my personal favourites are Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra". As the show goes on, Riri kept dropping amusing comments of her acting prowess and said, "I can't hear my voice".

The A&E series sees Crane being given a broader backstory than in the 1960 movie, with the character appearing in a two episode arc.

"We've always been driven by character", Ehrin said. The A&E series is now in its fifth season.

Bates Motel airs in the United Kingdom on Universal Channel, and will begin airing Season 5 on April 11.


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