White House says delayed healthcare vote to take place Friday

Sean Spicer

Instead of addressing the question, Spicer went off on a tangent, calling out Murray for using the word "associates".

He headed Trump's campaign for several months - and when the reporter reminded Spicer of that fact, he tried to deflect the discussion again by calling out media over the usage of the term "associates".

Republicans emerging from the closed-door meeting Thursday said they will vote Friday afternoon even though leadership is still trying to secure the votes. Does this Bill make you think less of the president's negotiation skills? "The president understands this is it". It became a running joke during the briefing that Spicer would not answer questions about "what has been learned" from this process, given that the vote had not been held.

The White House can try to hide their motives behind mumbo jumbo about maximization, but the truth is Trump is going to take away health care from 24 million Americans to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. "It's something that we haven't seen in this country since 1986", Spicer said.

Kyle Griffin, an MSNBC producer, reported during the briefing that his network's count of votes had 34 Republican votes against the bill, many more than are needed to knock it down. Asked whether there was an alternative plan to the current bill, Spicer replied: "No.it's going to pass".

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At a meeting of House Republicans on Thursday night, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told members that Trump was finished negotiating and ready to move on, the Wall Street Journal reported.


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