Fox News criticized for 'news alert' about Trump's weekend

President Donald Trump announces the approval of a permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. President Trump on Sunday March 26 attacked conservative

CBS News' White House correspondent Mark Knoller totaled Obama's time on the golf course as president at 333 rounds.

Social media users were quick to point out that the President travelled twice to a golf resort in Virigina over the weekend. But he's played golf in at least 12 of those visits.

The White House has not acknowledged Trump's activities at the Trump-branded properties, saying that he spent the time holding "meetings".

Late Sunday afternoon, Fox News's Twitter issued a "news alert" informing the public that President Donald Trump was "spending the weekend working at the White House".

A sign for the Trump National Golf Club is pictured as President Donald Trump's motorcade arrives March 26, 2017 in Potomac Falls, Va.

"How you use the game of golf is something that he's talked about", Spicer said at a press conference earlier this month, according to the Washington Post.

The president also derided former President Barack Obama on numerous occasions for purportedly playing golf too much. He played more golf previous year than Tiger Woods.

While the President hasn't played golf on every visit, sometimes attending to presidential business, the trips underscore a break with his insistence on the campaign trail that he wouldn't spend his time golfing because of how hard he would be working. In contrast to Trump, who golfs nearly exclusively at his own properties, appaemtluy causing taxpayer dollars the end his trips to be channeled into his own privately-held company, Obama never golfed at a course that he owns - because he doesn't own any. Trump was said the prior weekend to be having weekend meetings at his Mar-a-Lago Club, which he did.

"Multiple photos show Trump golfing this weekend".


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