Young Girl Severely Burns Hands Making Homemade Slime

Little Girl Sustains 3rd Degree Burns While Making Homemade Slime

The use of too much of one ingredient, Borax, is said to have caused second and third degree burns on the hands of an 11-year-old girl in MA.

Quinn's daughter, Kathleen, is recovering from burns on her hands that her mother says were caused by borax, an ingredient in numerous popular recipes for do-it-yourself slime.

Her mother, Siobhan Quinn, says that by the time her daughter returned home the next day, Kathleen was crying from the pain.

According to CBS Philly, doctors said Kathleen's blisters came from "extended exposure" to Borax.

Kathleen Quinn, 11, landed in the hospital after attempting to make homemade slime at her house in Rockland, Massachusetts.

"I thought it was great", she said.

Her parents took her to a local hospital and found out she had second- and third-degree burns.

Quinn's parents say she is experiencing extreme pain, but is expected to make a full recovery.

These burns were a result of the homemade slime she recently made, a project that has become popular over the past few years.

It is also one of the main ingredients in multiple recipes for homemade slime or "gak" found online.

Making homemade slime has become popular over the a year ago after increased visibility on social media. Kathleen Quinn, who at one point was making the slime on a daily basis, suffered the injury while staying over at a friend's house, WCVB reported. "I feel like the worst mother". The most common slime recipe involves Elmer's glue, borax (a common household cleaner) and water - and sometimes food coloring for effect.

According to CBS News, the fifth grader just finished creating the concoction when both of her hands started hurting.

"Just because you have it around, just because it seems to be perfectly safe for those types of applications doesn't mean it should be used in anything else, particularly household slime", Dickerson told WCVB last week.

The current trend? Homemade slime! "It's fine. Nothing happened to my child.' We made it a million times, too", Quinn said.


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