Poorer nations robust in the face of Trump pullout from climate deal

"Pittsburgh will not only heed the guidelines of the Paris agreement, we will work to move toward 100 percent clean and renewable energy for our future, our economy, and our people", he said in a Sierra Club statement Friday.

"We have reduced our Carbon dioxide footprint to levels of the early 1990s", he said. The goal is to cap global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Collectively, these actors remain committed to the Paris accord.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker of MA announced Friday that he will join a climate change initiative launched by several Democratic governors in the wake of President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

"Republicans and Democrats alike recognize that the Paris Agreement is about so much more than climate change", Raimondo said.

It will take several years before the world "will have a proper understanding of what the implications are" of the U.S. withdrawal, Terblanche said.

"Undoubtedly the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement is regrettable - after all, the United States is the second biggest polluter in the world", Pomerants told BNS on Friday.

"As far as the vulnerable developing countries are concerned they have long since factored in this non-payment of the U.S.'s dues", said Saleemul Huq, of the University of Bangladesh.

Standing alongside Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, EU Council President Donald Tusk said Friday that "We are convinced that yesterday's decision by the United States to leave the Paris agreement is a big mistake".

The U.S. now joins the only two countries that did not sign the agreement originally to cut greenhouse gas emissions: Syria and Nicaragua. In addition, nations - inspired by the actions of local and regional governments, along with businesses - came to recognize that fighting climate change brings significant economic and public health benefits. French President Emmanuel Macron even invited scientists to relocate to France, saying in a speech televised in English, "Make our planet great again".

On April 22, 2016, as many as 175 countries, including Russia, Germany, India, China and the United States, signed the agreement at a summit held at the United Nations headquarters.


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