Cinema in Ramallah bans screenings of 'Wonder Woman' due to Israeli star

'Wonder Woman' lassos gold at the box office

"On wide shots I looked very amusing, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog".

Despite the fact that the other #DCEU films - Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman - all had bigger opening weekends, what likely worked in Wonder Woman's favor for the high second-weekend gross was the fact that the film is a hit with the critics and that it also interested a diverse audience.

A week later, "Wonder Woman" is still the talk of the town when it comes to movies. Q: What inspired the pure heart that "Wonder Woman" has as a film?

Since a boy watching Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on TV back in the '70s I've had a bit of a thing for Diana Prince - Princess of Themyscira.

"There is something about being a woman where you understand the nuances of femininity and female relationships that I think Patty brought to the table", says Finch, nevertheless pointing out that male directors like Joss Whedon of "The Avengers" can get it right too. Sure, every body is different but you'd think after training for her whole life she'd look less like a Victoria's Secret model and more like a boxing champion. Most Superhero films, including films from Marvel Studios, tend to average between a 50 to 60% drop week two.

Gadot has spoken publicly about her time in the Israeli military. Had the film been edited to limit the duration under 2 hours, people might have felt attached to Wonder Woman and her cause; many including this scribe felt a little let down with the talk, talk and talk when "action speak louder than words" could have done the trick.

Frankly, I was loath to see the movie shift from the idyllic island of Themyscira, with its invisible shroud of protection and robust tribe of Amazons, to the dank, dark streets of London; however, once Diana rescues the downed World War I pilot, and the Amazons vanquish the Germans chasing him, her goal is clear.

The second weekend domestic box office numbers for Wonder Woman are very impressive.

By the way, to those who might be the slightest bit mad that "Avengers" actors are wanting anything to do with DC stuff, just don't. "One who is self-confident is not afraid of movies - even if it's "Wonder Woman" standing before him", he added. I am still waiting for my muscular, hairy-legged, mascara-less superhero to kick ass on the silver screen, but it seems her arrival may take longer than anticipated.


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