Justine Damond: 'Why did the police not use their cameras?'

Justine Damond: 'Why did the police not use their cameras?'

"As you know, it was Justine who called 911 on Saturday evening, reporting what she believed was an active sexual assault nearby".

The Minnesota police officer who shot and killed an Australian bride-to-be has had three complaints filed against him during his two-year law enforcement career.

Justine Damond, 40, was killed Saturday night in Minneapolis' Fulton neighborhood.

The stepson of an Australian woman shot dead by United States police is demanding answers after it was revealed the two officers involved had not turned on their body cameras. How and why Justine came to be fatally wounded is not yet known; body cameras normally worn by the cops were switched off and the police vehicle did not capture the incident.

Justine Damond, 40, was reportedly gunned down by officer Mohamed Noor, who was sitting in the passenger side of the police auto in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The officer who fired at Ms Damond was Mohamed Noor, a Somali-American who joined the police department in March 2015.

"I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by the fatal officer-involved shooting that happened last night", Hodges said.

BCA tells ABC News they will not be releasing the 911 call until the conclusion of the investigation.

Mohammed Noor and one other police officer have been placed on administrative leave
Mohammed Noor and one other police officer have been placed on administrative leave

Her stepson, Zac Damond, 22, said in a video posted to Facebook that Ruszczyk had called police after hearing a noise near her house.

According to the standard procedure, the two officers involved in the incident are on paid administrative leave, the Minneapolis Police confirmed.

Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges wants to know why the officers' body cameras were off.

Ms Damond studied to be a veterinarian before she relocated to the U.S., where she was believed to have been for at least the last three years.

Damond was an Australian native and had already begun using her fiance's surname. Don Damond said that his family is "utterly devastated", and has still received little information about what transpired from the Minneapolis police.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it was a hard time for the family, who were trying to come to terms with the tragedy. "Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists", said the news release.

Meanwhile, a vigil held for Damond draws more than 300 people.

John Ruszczyk, whose daughter, Justine Damond, was shot to death by an officer who had responded to her 911 call, said Tuesday that the shooting was his family's "worst nightmare".


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