Sin to declare missing Indians dead without evidence: Sushma

39 Indians missing in Iraq Congress attacks Centre questions MEA's 'priorities&apos

On Wednesday also she had made a statement in Parliament saying she did not mislead the nation on the issue since the government can not declare anybody dead without evidence.

Swaraj said she told her Iraqi counterpart that she will not accept anything on the issue without "proof" and requested him to continue the search for them. She strongly refuted the charges of misleading the house over the issue and said that it is a sin to declare a person dead without concrete evidences.

Swaraj's statement came two days after Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said here that there is no "substantial evidence" on whether the Indians are alive or dead and confirmed that their last known location, the prison at Badush, has been destroyed by the IS.

Sushma was giving her statement on the 39 missing Indians after a morning of uproar in the Lok Sabha.

She asserted that it was the government's duty to keep looking for the Indians, given that so far, "there are no bodies, no bloodstains, no list, no ISIS videos". "And declaring anyone dead without proof is a sin that I won't commit", she said. "But, if anyone of them comes back (alive), then they should also own up the responsibility (of dealing with such a situation)", she said. They were trying to leave the besieged city when they were abducted. "What benefit will my Government get by misleading the people on the issue", she asked.

"There were contradictions in Masih's version". She added that she would not declare anyone dead without proof of the same.

"We are not sure 100 percent whether they are alive or not", he told reporters, adding that he couldn't say anything more about their fate. According to a report by ANI, the Sushma said, "On November 24, 2014 I had said that 6 sources have said that the 39 Indians have not been killed". She said she won't rest until she finds out where they were.

In June 2014, it was reported that Islamic State militants had abducted 40 Indian labourers - all them from low-income families in Punjab - from a construction site near Mosul. Post operation, the child's father said, "The heart of my child beats today for Madam Sushma Swaraj".


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