1 killed, several injured in knife attack in Germany

The area where the attack happened.                     Image Google Maps

A statement Friday does not identify the man further and says police are still working to establish what nationality he has. Some are seriously hurt.

Germany is on high alert following a series of terror attacks in the country a year ago.

The man stabbed a customer to death before hurting several others as he fled, and German newspaper Bild reports he shouted "God is great" in Arabic. The attacker wounded another four people with his knife as he fled. They are not ascribing a motive to the attack now, with German media suggesting terror and robbery as possibilities.

One person was killed and several others injured in a knife attack in the northern German city of Hamburg, officials said on Friday.

Police spokesman Timo Zill said authorities are investigating all options in the attack, which was carried out with a kitchen knife, the news agency dpa reported.

The motive for the incident was not immediately clear.

Witnesses followed him and raised the alarm at about 3.10pm before police swooped to make an arrest.


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