Drug menace polluting Indian sports, Former athlete writes to PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his latest episode of Mann Ki Baat, heaped praises on the Indian women's cricket team for their remarkable journey at the ICC Women's World Cup 2017.

The Prime Minister had felicitated the team upon their return from England a fortnight ago as well.

This time, he spoke on the devastating flood situation in Gujarat, Assam and Northeastern states. But, the way India supported the women's cricket team shows a shift.

Recognising August as the month of movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked the people to take pledge for a "New India" and to "live for our nation and take it to new heights of progress".

On the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Mr Modi expressed happiness and satisfaction that its benefits are reaching the poor.

In his broadcast, he also talked about the Women's World Cup which concluded recently and hailed the performance of the Indian team in it, saying "our daughters" are making the nation proud in various fields. There are many events in the month of August that are closely associated with the history of our freedom movement. They looked tense. But I told them about my own assessment that this is a media driven world and expectations from players are hyped manifold. "It ushers in a new culture", added the Prime Minister. "What was common was the widespread support for Mahatma Gandhi", PM Modi said while remembering the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking about the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the prime minister urged the public to use eco-friendly idols to help protect the enviroment. Successful rollout of GST is a case study. "I told the Indian women cricket team to not take their World Cup loss to heart, as the entire nation stands behind them and is proud of their feat", he said.

He said he had received letters from the countrymen and felt "very happy and satisfied when a poor person writes to say how because of GST prices of various items essential for him have come down, and commodities have become cheaper".

"It is also an example of cooperative federalism".

"If 125 crore Indians decide to do something for the country, resolve like the one of "August Kranti Diwas" in 1942.We can shape a new future for India in 2022. All decisions taken by both Centre and states", he added.

-Starting from 1857, we saw so many movements for India's freedom. In this month of August, we have to come together and resolve: Filth - Quit India; Poverty - Quit India; Corruption - Quit India; Terrorism - Quit India; Casteism - Quit India; Communalism - Quit India.


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