19 countries officially apply to host the EMA; 8 chase EBA


MEPs were told last month that 75 per cent of staff at the European Medicines Agency plan to stay in the United Kingdom even when the agency moves, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The Irish application was officially submitted on Monday ahead of a midnight deadline.

This will be a contribution in year one of the transition (2019) of €15m towards the cost of fit-out/rent of the selected premises and from year two to year 10 (2020-2028), an annual contribution of €7 million per annum towards rent and maintenance.

The banking and medicines agencies are seen as the first spoils of Brexit by the 27 remaining members of the EU - Politico report that 23 of those entered bids for the EMA.

Amid the rivalry to host the EMA, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark have hosted events in Brussels to promote their bids The number of states vying for the EMA is reckoned to be 21.

The European Banking Authority works to ensure effective and consistent regulation and supervision across the EU's banking sector, and also assesses risks and vulnerabilities in the system. But it can only make one bid per agency.

However what could count against it is a previous EU commitment to spread agencies more evenly across the union.

The cities are competing to attract the agencies' highly skilled employees, their families and the business that comes with them.

Its visitors to generate bookings of nearly 9000 hotel nights per year.

The EU document says no country can host both agencies and sets out the criteria required to host them.

What do the agencies do?

Eight cities have asked to host the banking authority.

"We will now proceed in assessing all offers in an objective manner", said European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva.

Among criteria for selection are a city's infrastructure, transport links, jobs for employees' families, and the need to spread European Union institutions around Europe. The publication will then be followed by discussions by the General Affairs Council in October and a vote in November, the statement added.


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