Teen jumps out of plane onto tarmac at SFO

The teen an American citizen was stopped by construction crew members who were working nearby. He has been detained for questioning by police and will be transported to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. According to SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel

A 17-year-old was detained after he opened up an emergency exit door of an airplane and jumped out onto the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport.

A Copa Airlines Flight 208 crew member closed the emergency door and the plane taxied to its gate, where all remaining passengers alighted without incident, the Panama-based airline said in a statement on Tuesday.

Yakel says the teenager is a USA citizen and was traveling alone on the flight from Panama City, Panama, to San Francisco.

The teen was not injured and airport operations were not affected, KTVU reported.

The 17-year-old boy opened up the overwing emergency exit door, exited the aircraft and started running on the tarmac.

There was no word immediate as to why the teen left the plane.

"The door's open. Someone jumped off, '" said Matt Crowder of Atherton, California. "And then this guy, I see him jump on the wing and then he starts climbing down the wing and then he just runs". According to the passengers, the boy seemed too anxious and fidgety throughout the flight. Relay the message back.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel says a construction crew working nearby confronted the teenager and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

"They put one of the stewardesses to block it so no one would fall out of there or leave", he said.

The airline says it is cooperating with authorities in the ongoing investigation.

Yakel says the plane went to its assigned gate and all passengers got off the flight without incident.


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