Lawmakers vow to override Obama's veto of Sept. 11 bill

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), as the bill is known, would reform a 1976 law granting other countries immunity in U.S. courts - a principle known as " sovereign immunity " - opening up the possibility of lawsuits brought by private citizens against states suspected of helping terrorists carry out attacks on USA soil. Read More

Clinton says Trump gives 'aid, comfort' to IS recruiters

Clinton says Trump gives 'aid, comfort' to IS recruiters

Weathering a recent slump in her nationwide polls, Hillary Clinton Tuesday maintained a massive lead in NY. A slight and tight poll showed that 47 percent trust Clinton while 45 percent favor Trump on national security. This year, high-income earners are swinging in favor of Hillary Clinton , according to a Bloomberg survey of 600 likely voters with annual household incomes above $100,000. Read More

Woman shoots at burglars during home invasion

Woman shoots at burglars during home invasion

Friday morning. Startling security video shows a woman shooting at three men during a home burglary. Instead they found a 36-year-old restaurant owner still in her PJs and firing a gun, Fox 5 Atlanta reports. The footage released by the Gwinnett County Police Department in Georgia, US, shows three people bursting through the front door and ransacking the property. Read More

Man served 16 years in prison for wife's death

Police say he also confessed to the execution-style shooting deaths of his two teenage stepchildren. A Gregory Vicente Green, 49, whose home address is the same as the homicide scene, was convicted of second-degree murder in March 1992, according to MI criminal history records. Read More

Gabon braces for court's ruling on disputed election

The Court was tasked to conduct an audit of the electoral tally sheets and to decided whether do a recount of the vote or declare Bongo the official victor. The results were announced August 31 by the Interior Minister had triggered deadly riots and widespread looting. The government responded to the riots by imposing an internet curfew, cracking down on the media , and arresting more than 800 people. Read More

Erdogan accuses USA of new weapons deliveries to Kurdish 'terrorists'

Erdogan accuses USA of new weapons deliveries to Kurdish 'terrorists'

His comments are likely to add to tensions between the two countries over U.S. support for Kurdish Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) forces involved in operations against Islamic State (IS) militants. That operation, dubbed " Euphrates Shield " by Turkey , was launched after months of attacks on Kilis reduced parts of the town to rubble. "If we would reinforce the Syrian Democratic Forces' current capabilities, that will increase the prospects of our success in Raqa", he said. Read More

Obama, Iraqi leader vow rapid offensive to retake Mosul

Iraqi forces launched an operation on Tuesday to retake a strategic northern town from ISIL as the army prepared a broad offensive on the extremist bastion of Mosul. It also includes less powerful Sunni tribal forces supporting the government against IS. Ahmed al-Assadi, the spokesman of the Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) paramilitary force, also announced the operation. Read More

U.S. troops prepare for liberation of Isis city Mosul

U.S. troops prepare for liberation of Isis city Mosul

Qayyarah airbase has been under Iraqi control since July and is expected to be rebuilt to allow U.S. and coalition air forces to take advantage of its position near Mosul, which was seized by Islamist forces in 2014. The assault could begin as early as October and Iraqi security forces are already alerting locals living in the area by dropping thousands of leaflets warning citizens of the oncoming offensive. Read More

More than a million refugees have fled South Sudan

It said the refugees in neighboring countries "arrive exhausted after days [of] walking in the bush and going without food or water". And a surge of people have entered western Ethiopia's Gambella region in the past week with others heading to Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and Central African Republic. Read More

U.S. lands bomber in South Korea

South Korean Air Force Operational Commander Lt. Gen. A coalition of Republican senators urged the president on Monday to enact immediate sanctions on North Korea in the wake of its latest nuclear weapons test. Defense Minister Han Min-koo also said Seoul needs to maintain the number of full-time troops at 500,000 or more if it is to resist an armed North Korean invasion, South Korean news network YTN reported Wednesday. Read More

China lifts ban on United States beef imports

China lifts ban on United States beef imports

CHINA has officially lifted a 13-year ban on some United States beef imports, imposed after the 2003 detection of BSE in North America. The market is now estimated to be worth as much as $1.8 billion per year. Restoring exports to China is a top priority for USA farmers because they want to take advantage of the country's growing demand for meat. An example of this is the strong market for beef tongues in Japan. Read More

US is willing to extend Syria truce despite violations

He told reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly that American officials were "meeting now with the Russians in Geneva". The State Department initially said it was ready to work with Russian Federation to strengthen terms of the agreement and expand deliveries of humanitarian aid. Read More

Tim Farron: People should respect my beliefs as a Christian

Labour's Liz Kendall said: "The NHS and social care face huge challenges - bigger now than at any point in our history. staff and the families who need care to somehow try and struggle through". He will also call for the abolition of SATS tests in primary schools. He will also attack the government's plans to expand grammar schools in England. Read More

US, Israel sign $38 bn military aid deal

As the United States approves a US$38 billion military aid package to Israel, the largest in history, Israel is refusing to halt illegal settlement construction-despite stern USA statements-with data revealing that construction on occupied land has increased by 40 percent in the first half of 2016 compared to the previous six months. Read More

Former House SpeakerJohn Boehner joins Washington law and lobbying firm

Former House SpeakerJohn Boehner joins Washington law and lobbying firm

The firm does have a lobbying arm, but Boehner will not lobby, according to the firm. "With Speaker Boehner joining our team, we're better positioned than ever to grow our brand throughout the world", Mark Ruehlmann, chairman and global CEO, said in statement . Read More

Kasich aide slams RNC chair Priebus over Trump remark

Last summer, the Republican candidates signed a so-called "loyalty pledge " that they would back the eventual nominee, "regardless of who it is". Priebus took a copy to Trump at Trump's Manhattan office to collect his signature in person ― an action that critics fear forever altered the power relationship between the party and the reality TV host-turned-presidential candidate. Read More

South Sudan challenges US watchdog's report on corruption

Most refugees are women and children, UNHCR spokesman Leo Dobbs told a press briefing in Geneva. South Sudan's recent spike in violence has pushed more people out of its borders. Kenya has over 90,000 South Sudanese refugees. Last week, South Sudanese Army Spokesperson, Lul Ruai Koang, told Sudan Tribune that they will expels rebels fighting its northern neighbour once it receives directives from the high command. Read More

Kerry holds out hope for Syria truce despite violations

Jets - either Syrian or Russian - fired missiles into opposition areas of Aleppo in the first strike of its kind since the ceasefire . The head of the centre and several others were badly injured. "As I said yesterday, (it's) time to end the grandstanding and time to do the real work of delivering on the humanitarian goods that are necessary for access". Read More

Pam Bondi defends decision to take money from Trump

Pam Bondi defends decision to take money from Trump

But he said he never asked Bondi for help and that they never discussed Trump University. The 2013 check to a committee supporting Bondi's re-election campaign from the Donald J. She also shined a light on some unknown parts of her relationship with Trump, who says Bondi is a good friend. The so-called university has been under investigation by the New York Attorney General's Office, and a class action lawsuit was also filed in California. Read More

Charlie Baker, still wicked popular

Twenty-three percent said they approved of Brownback's job performance and 6 percent were undecided. The news, in brief: Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is popular. Mary Fallin, a Republican, ranked ninth lowest in the US with 53 percent disapproving and 40 percent approving of her service to the state. Despite the dip, Baker's 70-percent approval rating is still exceptional, especially compared to his New England peers. Read More

Kashmir violence: 11 killed as Indian forces battle 'militants'

Kashmir violence: 11 killed as Indian forces battle 'militants'

Following the outbreak of gunfights along the LoC areas, army units launched massive searches in Tangdar, Karnah, Uri , Nowgam and other areas close to LoC. India blamed Sunday's attack in which 18 soldiers died on Pakistan-based militants. The same group was implicated in an audacious assault on an Indian air force base in Pathankot in the northern state of Punjab in January. Read More

Boris Johnson condemns Syrian aid convoy attack

The Syrian government blamed rebel forces for the apparent collapse of the shaky ceasefire, alleging that rebels had breached the deal 300 times; rebel forces meanwhile held the government accountable, with some rebel leaders claiming the Syrian government had broken the truce on more than 250 occasions. Read More

France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery

France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery

With 4.73 billion plastic goblets discarded in France in 2015 alone, and roughly 17 billion plastic bags used annually in supermarkets around the country, the new laws will hopefully put an end to France's dependence on disposable plastic wares. Read More

Jury seated for New Jersey bridge lane-closing trial

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - It's provided material for late-night talk show monologues and even made its way into a Jeopardy answer. The NJ governor told MSNBC's Brian Williams that the 2013 lane closures on the George Washington Bridge by two former aides likely played into his not getting picked as Trump's veep. Read More

US says its willing to extend Syria truce despite violations

Syria's armed forces said Monday that a week-long ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russian Federation was over, blaming rebels for the failure of the truce. Earlier on Monday, Russia criticized the United States for not doing enough to rein in militants in Syria to protect the truce deal, saying continued violations of the ceasefire by militants made it "senseless" for Damascus to stick to the agreement. Read More

Wells Fargo CEO preparing to apologize to Senate committee

The bank has claimed itself as the banker to the Wall Street for many years, and now this revelation has raised questions about its future intentions, especially the fake accounts scandal. DeZoort said that while, yes, there are always rogue employees that will use underhanded tactics, thousands of employees were involved in this for years, so this is not an example of employees gone rogue - this was linked to leadership and culture. Read More

Five Detained In Connection With New York Bombing

A law enforcement official says fingerprints and surveillance video helped investigators identify him as the man suspected of setting off bombs in the NY area over the weekend. Rahami lived with his family above their fried-chicken restaurant in Elizabeth and his relatives have clashed with the city over closing times and noise complaints they said were tinged with anti-Muslim sentiment. Read More

Fallon faces social media backlash after Trump interview

Fallon faces social media backlash after Trump interview

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will appear on the Tonight Show Monday. "Then you, you built a wall/ A 20-foot wall so I couldn't see", the lyrics of the song read. "I didn't know he was going to do it until like two minutes before we did it", Fallon said. Aides feel late night interviews like the one with Fallon help soften Clinton to voters. Read More

Tehran-Riyadh war of words heats up as Iranians miss hajj

The Associated Press's final death toll was at least 2,177, though the government of Saudi Arabia never increased the number of dead above 769. "But, unfortunately, this government, through their numerous crimes and their support for terrorism, is shedding the blood of the innocents from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen", added Rouhani. Read More

Russia: Siberian Vote Could Be Annulled If Fraud Proven

Crimea will take part in the Russian Duma election for the first time since its cessation from Ukraine, which has urged Crimeans to boycott the election. The government had been accused of voting fraud . Russian Election Commission chief Ella Pamfilova had promised to clean up the system earlier this year. Read More